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Reliance Value

At Reliance Architecture we know you expect to get the most for your dollar. We understand that our clients have distinct value needs to meet the obligations of their stakeholders. We partner with you to explore design options that maximize the value of your project. After establishing your value needs, we optimize use of funds to deliver as much quality and as much facility as we can fit in your budget, to serve you and your community.

Reliance Partnership

A partnership with Reliance Architecture means we listen to YOU! We work with you to discover your values and needs throughout the design and building process so that you will deliver on your commitment to your community. For us, beauty is that which meets your needs and makes your life better.

Reliance Management

At Reliance Architecture, we help you do what you do best: focus on providing the best education for your students. We employ our experience and expertise to manage your building project to ensure that when the first bell of Autumn rings, your STUDENTS and TEACHERS will enter their school with confidence and take pride and ownership in their building.

Reliance Convenience

At Reliance Architecture, we understand busy schedules and offer varying levels of involvement responsive to your needs. We work with you to develop a framework that balances the involvement and time commitment of administration, teachers and community. With our experience and through the use of technology we bring the design of your facility to your fingertips, making the design process as easy and efficient for you as possible.

About Reliance

Reliance Architecture brings Value, Management, Partnership and Convenience to school and public architecture in Central Texas. At Reliance Architecture, we are responsive to the unique needs and values of each of our clients, using our expertise, experience and technology to make the design and building process of more value to our clients while making it simple and easy to navigate.

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