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“Antonio works hard to achieve the functionality and efficiency that schools demand in the budget crunch era & yet has produced spaces for us that are very aesthetically pleasing. That is a good combination!!”
"Clifton and I spent many hours studying many facilities to design an athletic complex that is efficient, beautiful, and extremely functional. Much of the success of the project is due to Clifton’s persistence and experience. Olney ISD got a very nice facility for a great price. I appreciate everything Clifton did for the Olney community."
“I have merely conveyed an idea or concept to Antonio and then watched it grow on paper and in form through his artistic design. I'm not an architect nor skilled in the lingo or logic of school construction, but I could always count on Antonio to cover those details.  He would research the requirements, estimate the costs and guide me through the process of what I could and could not have.”
“Antonio listened to our concerns and effectively capture our vision into the design. His detail oriented approach; his well-rounded knowledge of school issues, and his ability to effectively problem solve and implement solutions, led to a great balance of value aesthetics.”
“I found Antonio to be an exceptional listener and eager to design a project that truly fit our needs.”
"I have known Antonio Naylor for several years. Over ten years ago he was instrumental in the successful planning required for the move of AISD’s Library Media Center, consisting of a professional library, cataloging and processing center, office space, and a break area. This was a huge move into a former gym and locker rooms at a former middle school. Antonio helped to plan the entire space. Even though we were upset that the District had decided on short notice to move us , he assured us that he could do it, and he delivered!

"His demeanor was always professional, positive and composed. By spending time with our team, and listening, he understood our needs, noted every function which we would be doing, and documented our existing setup and determined what could be better. The results: a space that exceeded our expectations and functioned better than what we had in our old location. So many people come through and rave about our new space! They are astonished that it was once an old gym and locker rooms. Trust me; we have the pictures to prove it.

"Antonio listens to his clients. He does what he says he will do, and he treats people with respect and courtesy. He is a true gentleman. If you select him to help you, you will not be disappointed."

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Reliance Architecture brings Value, Management, Partnership and Convenience to school and public architecture in Central Texas. At Reliance Architecture, we are responsive to the unique needs and values of each of our clients, using our expertise, experience and technology to make the design and building process of more value to our clients while making it simple and easy to navigate.

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