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Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of gravity,
or to engineer against it and by opposing build up?

Finding land to build on is becoming harder to do as land is becoming scarce in many communities and school districts. Communities are developing a growing interest in green spaces and school districts and municipalities are keenly interested in energy efficiency and long-term building maintenance costs.

Many architects and educational planners focus attention in their planning processes on current needs and the status quo. “What changes are essential to meet our needs?” “What will our enrollment numbers be in 5 years?” Both of these are good questions, but they should be just the beginning of planning. New buildings are a long-term investment. They will likely last 50, 60 and even up to 100 years in the future.

Questions about class size?  Many people discuss this topic in reference to the number of students enrolled in each class, and they are right.  But, class sizes also refer to the size of the space designated for students.

Have you ever wondered how the size of a classroom is determined?  Does the size of the district or campus effect how large or small classrooms will be? Is classroom design a haphazard system or have rules and guidelines been established to govern the process?

We - Antonio Naylor, AIA and Clifton Stuckey, AIA - are proud to announce the launch of Reliance Architecture, an Architecture and planning firm focused on educational and public architecture in Central Texas.

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Reliance Architecture brings Value, Management, Partnership and Convenience to school and public architecture in Central Texas. At Reliance Architecture, we are responsive to the unique needs and values of each of our clients, using our expertise, experience and technology to make the design and building process of more value to our clients while making it simple and easy to navigate.

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