Our goal is to build the strongest team we can to serve our clientele with unmatched personal care and attention. If you have a passion for architecture as a service, we invite you to introduce yourself to Reliance. We offer top-of-the-line benefits including low deductible health insurance, eye and dental insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, true profit-sharing, matched Simple IRA retirement fund, flexible personal days, paid paternity leave, childcare reimbursement, and licensing and professional certification support and reimbursement.


Every member of the firm is a face and voice of Reliance, recognized not only by the staff within the company, but clients, professionals, and reps. Reliance does its best to establish a level and equal ground for communication between employees. Each is encouraged to strive for their best in their own work but be open to receiving as well as giving assistance. Reliance wants its employees to practice architecture in a way that encourages diligence but discourages burnout. Other companies might boast studio culture, process, or awards but unique to Reliance is their awareness of how services and design impact the user. Balance, adaptability, and follow-through are molded into studio and field workflow yielding professional development of a holistic design approach by team members.


“When bringing me in to train and acclimate to the company, I remember the wording they used while showing me around, it was ‘this is what we are doing, not this is what you are doing,’ which really resonated with me.” 

“Having worked at a much larger firm previously, Reliance does a lot more to show that it values its employees and treats each as its own investment into the company’s future.”

“A moment that bore significance to me after starting with Reliance was when I was made aware that I was going to be an acknowledgeable and go to face for consultants and clients alike. I would be entrusted with the responsibility to publicly represent the company.”