Launch Announcement Of Reliance Architecture

We – Antonio Naylor, AIA and Clifton Stuckey, AIA – are proud to announce the launch of Reliance Architecture, an Architecture and planning firm focused on educational and public architecture in Central Texas.

We want to start by expressing our gratitude and thanks to those who have provided us the opportunities that have brought us here: to clients who have trusted us and allowed us to work by their side to bring their visions to reality; to our mentors and teachers that have lent us their wisdom, given us the opportunity to earn experience, and encouraged us along the way; our fellow designers, engineers and builders who we have had the pleasure of working alongside and learning from; and most importantly our families for providing support through the long road that has brought us here.

We have spent our professional careers providing high value design and planning services to the public sector in Central and North Texas under several firms, including BLGY, Jessen, Bundy Young Sims & Potter and most recently Fromberg Associates. Together we bring a combined experience totaling more than 35 years in the Architecture and construction industry. In June of 2017 we started a new chapter in our careers, stepping out on our own to continue our work in the education and public sector with Reliance Architecture. Our goal is to provide professional and reliable architectural services that are responsive to the unique needs and values of each of our clients, using our expertise, experience and technology to make the design and building process of more value to our clients while making it simple and easy to navigate.

We are building Reliance Architecture on four cornerstones:

Reliance Value

We know you expect to get the most for your dollar. We understand that our clients have distinct value needs to meet the obligations of their stakeholders. We partner with you to explore design options that maximize the value of your project. After establishing your value needs, we optimize use of funds to deliver as much quality and as much facility as we can fit in your budget, to serve you and your community.

Reliance Partnership

A partnership with Reliance Architecture means we listen to you! We work with you to discover your values and needs throughout the design and building process so that you will deliver on your commitment to your community. For us, beauty is that which meets your needs and makes your life better.

Reliance Management

We help you do what you do best: focus on doing your job to the best of your abilities while undertaking a building project. We employ our experience and expertise to manage your project to ensure that your project is completed on schedule and results in a facility you can occupy with confidence and take pride and ownership in.

Reliance Convenience

We understand busy schedules and offer varying levels of involvement responsive to your needs. We work with you to develop a framework that balances the involvement and time commitment of administration, boards and your community. With our experience and through the use of technology we bring the design of your facility to your fingertips, making the design process as easy and efficient for you as possible.

As your Architect we see it as our responsibility to take on your goals and your needs as our own. Whether we are approaching a design challenge, dealing with regulations or engaging with the contractor during construction, our role is to safeguard your best interest and the interest of your community. Our most core of values is to treat our clients as we would want to be treated in their positions. We are dedicated to building our relationships on honesty, integrity and respect for every person involved in the course of bringing your project to reality.

Through Value, Partnership, Management and Convenience we shall deliver on expectations. We enthusiastically look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve our communities and yours through our work.