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Olney Field House

Owner: Olney Independent School District
Completion: Winter 2006
Capacity: 870 spectators, 200 athletes
Building Area: 27,550 square feet

The Olney ISD Gymnasium and Field House is a lot of facility in a small package. Working with then Superintendent Tom Bailey was an exciting experience, as he was enthusiastic about the project and full of ideas for the facility. Through a lot of hard design work and teamwork, we fit an 870 spectator gymnasium, lobby, concession stand, two football locker rooms, 6 basketball / volleyball locker rooms, coaches’ offices, a weight room, training room and laundry facilities into less than a 28,000 square foot footprint. The facility has a large, beautiful gymnasium with raised home-side chair seating, a lobby with concessions and glass viewing into the gymnasium, along with locker rooms to fit all the team sports and physical education needs of the district.

“Clifton and I spent many hours studying the designs and functionalities of many gyms in the area. I feel we pulled the best aspects of many facilities to design an athletic complex that is efficient, beautiful in design, and extremely functional. Much of the success of the project is due to Clifton’s persistence and expertise. Olney ISD got a very nice facility for a great price with very few surprises along the way.” Tom Bailey, Former Superintendent Olney ISD

This project was completed by Clifton Stuckey while working for Bundy, Young, Sims & Potter in Wichita Falls, Texas.

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