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Bloomington ISD Athletic Facility

Owner: Bloomington Independent School District
Completion: Summer 2014
Construction Cost: $3,300,000
Building Area: 18,000 square feet
Cost per Sq. Ft.: $176

The Bloomington ISD gymnasium had recently been condemned, leaving them without a gym or space for community events. After a hurricane, Bloomington ISD qualified for a FEMA grant. We assisted in developing parameters in which we could meet the requirements of the grant and were asked to help them work with the state appointed FEMA representative to meet requirements of the grant. The state was able to provide federal requirements but not the specifics of the program and what perameters the district must meet for grant funds. We worked directly with state representatives in clarifying the standards and requirements, resulding in a state issued a manual based upon our numerous meetings, as this was the first safe room that fully met grant requirements and was fully reimbursed. Unclear federal funding from early budgetting required a collaborative effort with CMAR which led to us constructing the lowest cost safe room within the grant program. Construction went smoothly and without issue for the district. The board expressed their pleasure with the facility and the good will it garnered within their community.

The scope of the project included designing a new field house and gymnasium that was partially financed by FEMA Safe Room funds. The project also included a plaza connecting the new gymnasium to the athletic fields with a new entry gateway.


This project was completed by Antonio Naylor & Clifton Stuckey while working at Fromberg Associates in Austin, Texas.

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