City of Bastrop Fire Station Renovation

Owner: City of Bastrop
Completion: Summer 2016
Construction Cost: $142,000
Building Area: 5,800 square feet
Cost per Sq. Ft.: $24.50

The City of Bastrop had a facility with a failing building envelope and limited dollars from a settlement. The fire station remained in a state of disrepair for years.  The complaints from the community were growing daily.  The city approached us to solve the envelope issues and satify the concerns of the community. We presented them with an economical solution that integrated a rainscreen system behind the thin masonry veneer, struturally stiffened the pre-engineered building to masonry tolerances and improved the performance of the building's envelope.  Their funds were optimize to deliver as much quality as we could fit into their budget.  The Fire Station was well received by the community for its attention to architectural elements found in the city's revitalization of the downtown area.


This project was completed by Antonio Naylor while working at Fromberg Associates in Austin, Texas.

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